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Advice from GM Cancer Champions on preparing for the return to work after cancer, and boosting your confidence in the workplace. Plus, information on the workplace laws on health discrimination for those who are reentering the work environment after recovering from cancer.

Your iCan results include:

Local Services

Beechwood Cancer Care Centre Course
A course offering informal support and ideas to boost confidence following cancer treatment and helping prepare for the return to work after cancer.
Maggie's - Vocational Rehabilitation service
Expert advice and personal support to help people with cancer cope with the physical, mental and practical challenges of staying in work or finding work. Telephone advice and face to face meetings.

Online Information Sources


Advice on protecting against discrimination in the workplace and an introduction to ‘reasonable adjustments’

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Cancer can have a big impact on work whether you are working with cancer or supporting an employee with cancer. Find out about the laws in place and get tips on dealing with cancer in the workplace.

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