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Being a Cancer Champion is about taking simple, practical, everyday actions. Join our movement and make a pledge today.


It doesn’t need to be anything big or fancy. Share with us what you plan to do to help fight cancer in Greater Manchester.

Spreading the word

I pledge to learn more about cancer prevention and encourage other people to spread the word about cancer prevention.


Creating a ripple

I pledge to start a ripple effect by talking to people I meet about being a cancer champion so they can talk to the people they know about cancer – what to look for, what to do about it and how to avoid it!


Raising awareness

As a prostate cancer volunteer , I pledge to raise awareness of prostate cancer amongst men, particularly Black men, who have a greater risk of being diagnosed with the cancer.


Lifestyle factors

I would love to be able to raise awareness that breast and other cancers are caused by lifestyle factors as well as factors out of an individual’s control.


Community focus

I would like to raise awareness in the community around preventing cancer


Teenagers and young adults

I am passionate about raising awareness of cancer services for Teenagers & Young Adults, as well as improving GP education & diagnosis time.


Supporting others

I want to raise awareness of cancer prevention, testing and support for members of the BME community in Rochdale


Preventing cancer

I would like to raise awareness and help to prevent skin cancer



Jane Pilkington, Vanguard Innovation Lead for Prevention and Deputy Director for Population Health, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, describes our prevention work


Cancer Champions

Donna Miller, from health and social care charity BHA, discusses the work of cancer champions with current cancer champion Gilbert Morgan


Creating a social movement

Ben Gilchrist is Vanguard Innovation’s Social Movement Project Lead, Voluntary Sector North West. Here he explains what a social movement is and how we plan to recruit 20,000 cancer champions